Christmas is …

Almost here!!!!  Can you believe it?  It’s crazy how fast the time goes by.

Since Christmas will be here in a few weeks, I needed to do something for sending out Christmas Cards on time this year.  My neighbour posted a mini photo shoot she did with her kiddos on her blog, and I thought it was such a cute idea to do some Christmas cards in a similar style.  This morning I attempted to do the Twinkle Lights for some photo cards.

I also decided that I will be putting all the photo challenges on pause for now, and instead of just snapping photos to try and make these challenges in time, I will try to focus more on doing small little photo sessions to practice my photog skills.  I also made myself a light reflector to use for focusing my light better in my photos, and today was the first time I tried using it in these photos.  There are a few shots that I think the reflector was a little bit too far off, it was a little awkward trying to hold steady to take a picture and hold the reflector close to Kazia’s face with my left hand lol.  I will get the hang of using it though.

Here are the photos I ended up with, now to pick out which one(s) I like best to make into photo cards and start sending them out.

In the first one, I snapped so quick to get Kazia smiling, that it ended up a little out of focus, but I still like how it turned out.

Here are the rest that I thought turned out pretty good.

This last one turned out a bit out of focus as well, but I love Kazia’s expression in it.  She was telling me that Hercules wasn’t looking at me for the picture.

As you can see the flower hairband didn’t last very long, but even though it took a while and there were a few fusses, I really enjoyed doing this today, and I was so happy that Kazia cooperated so well.  There were a few “No’s”, but after a little break here and there, and asking Kazia if I could take some photos of her did help instead of just popping her up on the bed to snap away.

Now, which one do you think you will get in the mail as a card? I might have to do a variety of cards, or somehow try to do a “photo collage” card possibly?  Ahh, need to make a decision quick.  No time to waste!

I think I have an idea for another little photo shoot session.

See you soon.


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