Busy Bee!

Last week was busy, this week is going to be busy, sometimes life moves in such a fast pace I barely remember what I did that day.

Kazia and I did a few small crafts last week, made a cute hair clip, finally got the sewing machine going again and finished up Cosmo’s bed pillows to match Hercules’ pillow.

We also checked out the new Dollar store that opened up near by, and Kazia picked out a container of blue clay-dough so that she could do some “crafting” her way 🙂

And Kazia wanted her Pooh Bear to join in on the clay-dough fun.
I also try to keep up on the challenge of the week for a Facebook page called “Photog52” so that I can think outside of the box on my photo taking.  This week’s challenge was called ‘A Bug’s Perspective’, with the poor weather, it’s been hard to go out and take some pictures when I have a chance, and after trying some indoor bug-like shots I turned to the rain falling outside that day because the lighting indoors was just too poor.  I would have liked to get some bigger raindrops, but I took what I got.

I hope everyone has a good week ahead, I know I’ll be busy; cleaning, organizing, baking, and then after those first two days of the week are over I think I will try to decorate our master bedroom from it’s bland state … before and after pics when it’s all done.


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