Cool Autumn weather brings ….

Warmer jackets and indoor craftiness 🙂

A few days ago Kazia and I went for a little walk down to the river.  The fall weather has gotten pretty chilly and I actually had to pull out Kazia’s mittens for our walk to keep her little hands nice and warm.  We didn’t get too far on this walk, but Kazia brought along a little buddy ….

The cool weather has also brought out my craftiness.  I saw a tutorial awhile back on a blog for creating inexpensive canvas photos, so I decided to give it a try.  I put together this picture of Kazia for her room, finally put up a shelf in her empty wall space, and also made the wooden K.  I found the K at Michael’s and covered it in craft paper with some Modge Podge and painted the sides a nice brown.

I have more crafts on my to-do list, now to get them going 🙂


P.S.  I added a Gallery page to the blog, you can view all the photos I post on there as well, I may sometimes add more to the Gallery then I do in a post.  Enjoy!

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