Happy Halloween!

So last weekend I made Kazia’s Halloween costume and had my brother over to babysit while I worked and the hubby was away on a business trip.  Kazia loves her uncle so much, she didn’t even hesitate to say bye when I was leaving for work, I think she would have shooed me out the door if I would have hung around any longer, haha.  I decided it would be fun to try out a mini photo shoot for Halloween.  At first I couldn’t find a good spot to go take the pictures, I wanted a corn field, except all the corn was done for the season and all the stalks were already cut down.  Then I thought about going to a pumpkin patch, but the weather wasn’t cooperating on Saturday and it would have been so messy trying to get there, and the costume would have gotten ruined.  Then, while driving home from work on Saturday I saw a huge maple tree with beautiful coloured leaves fallen all around it, and it was in a public place, Yay!  Sunday morning, about an hour after sunrise, I dressed Kazia up and we all headed out to our spot.  The whole thing lasted all of 20 minutes before Kazia wanted to stop and go home, but I had fun, and I think after all my pickiness in processing the pictures, they turned out pretty good.  What do you think?  I don’t think she’ll be scaring anyone in that outfit.  Since I had so many pictures and I liked the way each one turned out, I put them into a couple collages so you could see them all, if you’d like, you can click on each one to view it a little bit bigger.

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